5 Immunity Boosting Foods For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that bridging stage of a woman’s life where she transitions from the role of a wife to a mother. During this stage, it is crucial for the pregnant mother to ensure the fetus growing within her gets the proper amount of nutrition, as well as make sure she doesn’t compromise her health. For this, it is important for the pregnant mother to keep her immunity levels high.Here are five must-have immunity boosting foods as part of the pregnant mother’s pregnancy care and diet.


Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C is an excellent immunity booster. It is crucial for pregnant women to eat foods rich in Vitamin C to maintain their immunity at an optimum level. Vegetables and Citrus Fruits like orange, lemon and others are generous in Vitamin C. The recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C for expectant mothers is 5000 mg. In the event the pregnant mother experiences signs of diarrhea, she should stop eating Vitamin C or Vitamin C rich foods.



Abundant in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, eggs are perfect in boosting the immunity levels of pregnant mothers. While the pregnant mother adds eggs to her diet, it is necessary to ensure she doesn’t eat raw or partially cooked eggs as they can be poisonous. The expectant mother can eat eggs with juices to compensate for lack of Vitamin C in eggs.




Curd or yogurt is an excellent source of nutrients. Taking yogurt or curd during the pregnancy period by the expecting mother will boost her immunity levels considerably. Since curd or yogurt contains a plenty of good bacteria, its consumption results in better digestion as well. While curd or yogurt may be added to a plenty of food items, having it in its natural form, is the best for the expectant mother.



Almonds present a lot of nutrition for the pregnant mothers, while also helping in the process of energy generation due to the availability of elements such as manganese, riboflavin, and copper. Almonds also contain a generous amount of folic acid, which is vital to the development of the baby’s brain and the nervous system.


Bright Colored Foods

Bright colored foods such as mangoes, carrots, pumpkins, and other such fruits and vegetables are loaded with Vitamin A. This particular vitamin is an excellent source of antioxidants. Hence, pregnant women are encouraged to consume foods rich in Vitamin A.

Adding the foods mentioned above to the diet of a pregnant woman will help in having her immunity levels in check. Also, it will guarantee she can fight infections, if any, during this period. These foods, when included into her pregnancy diet, will ensure a safer, stronger, and healthier pregnancy.